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Educational rock songs about internal disorders

and other important matters.


Organ Failure - Houston Texas


"A raunchy art rock musical stage performance group sure to offend, inspire,
and confuse the hormones of all sexes." - Dave Roy of Southmore House


 Dr. Compostulous - Organ Failure - Comedy Rock Music  Poopy and Flakey - Organ Failure - Comedy Rock Music  Leif - Organ Failure - Comedy Rock Music
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Organ Failure at the Rhythm Room in Houston
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Upcoming Shows:


Organ Failure

October, 20 2006 at Rice University Student Center- Organ Failure Claymation Video Release - KTRU Radio
6100 Main St, Houston, TX 77005

Oct. 20th: Organ Failure Claymation Video Release KTRU Prom Show at Rice University Campus Student Center 5:30pm

October, 21 2006 at Super Happy Fun Land Halloween Puppet Show
2610 Ashland Street, Houston, TX 77008
Cost: $7

Oct. 21st: Art Mummy (Halloween Puppet Show) www.francescamarquis.com Murfph http://www.myspace.com/murfphh Organ Failure http://www.organfailure.org http://www.superhappyfunland.com

Organ Failure

November, 2 2006 at Regressive Nights - Atlanta GA
380 14th Street, Atlanta, GA 30318


November, 8 2006 at The Spazzatorium Galleria
807 Dickinson Ave, Greenville, NC 27601

with Pattern Is Movement (Philly) http://www.myspace.com/patternismovement http://www.myspace.com/spazzgallery

Old shows


March 25th:

West Fest Compressed

Organ Failure

with a ton of other bands.

March 24th:

Super Happy Fun Land

3 Year Anniversary Party

Organ Failure

at Super Happy Fun Land


April 6th:
Organ Failure
at Lemp in St. Louis

Fri April 7th:

Organ Failure


at South Union Arts in Chicago


Sat April 8th:
Organ Failure
at Trevia in Chicago
with Crap Engine

Fri April 14th:
Organ Failure
At Sputnik in Brooklyn
with Awesome Color
and Mentally Ill Mike
Fri April 21st:
Organ Failure
VZD's in Oklahoma City

Organ Failure wins/ties Free Press Best Live Performance






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Juan the Former Hypnotist - Organ Failure

Copyright 2004 Organ Failure

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